Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm back after falling off the face of the earth

I needed time away from computers and Internet for awhile. And things have been crazy, LET ME TELL YOU. My parents are empty-nesters; I moved my apartment to a storage unit, went home for a week, moved my storage unit into a shared dorm room, got MORE stuff that needed to fit in my dorm room in an organized way, recruited for Army ROTC during orientation week, and classes start on Monday. Whew....

But I'm ready to start keeping a detailed record of my food consumption and exercising. I've been doing something active every single day outside of the days that I make a point to run and lift. But once school starts, things will be more organized and structured.

So, I've moved up to running twice a day. My wind is pretty much non existent on runs longer than 3 miles. and my speed is most definitely non existent. I'm biking more to keep my knees good. Rucking (running with 25+ lbs on my back in my combat boots and uniform) starts soon too. Awesome...

My appetite is pretty small. I'm good about portions and not eating when I'm not hungry. Yay.

I'll be biking for a couple days as opposed to running due to a ripped blister on the ball of my foot...a VERY deep blister. Like a whole callous got ripped most of the way off.

I'm getting back to daily posting.


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