Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm back after falling off the face of the earth

I needed time away from computers and Internet for awhile. And things have been crazy, LET ME TELL YOU. My parents are empty-nesters; I moved my apartment to a storage unit, went home for a week, moved my storage unit into a shared dorm room, got MORE stuff that needed to fit in my dorm room in an organized way, recruited for Army ROTC during orientation week, and classes start on Monday. Whew....

But I'm ready to start keeping a detailed record of my food consumption and exercising. I've been doing something active every single day outside of the days that I make a point to run and lift. But once school starts, things will be more organized and structured.

So, I've moved up to running twice a day. My wind is pretty much non existent on runs longer than 3 miles. and my speed is most definitely non existent. I'm biking more to keep my knees good. Rucking (running with 25+ lbs on my back in my combat boots and uniform) starts soon too. Awesome...

My appetite is pretty small. I'm good about portions and not eating when I'm not hungry. Yay.

I'll be biking for a couple days as opposed to running due to a ripped blister on the ball of my foot...a VERY deep blister. Like a whole callous got ripped most of the way off.

I'm getting back to daily posting.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Finally updating again...ahem

So, yeah. I was too tired at night to summarize my day so I just went straight to bed. It was a pretty busy week.

Good news is , I've been exercising according to plan. Bad news, not eating like I said I would. Not terrible, but not great. But no weight gain. Still 168.5 lbs.

Just got cookies in the mail from one of the sweet old lady's at church back home. I suspect Dad of sabotage.

Long run and homework are all that's on the agenda for today. Bowl of cereal for breakfast/lunch. I finally caught up on my sleep.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 15 :-/

Sooo, this weekend was hectic. I was home all weekend for the funeral, spent lots of time in the car, and uh, kinda blew whatever diet thing I was on off.

But I'm back on track now. Yesterday I was 170.0 lbs after I lifted, swam, and went for an hour walk. It wasn't as much cardio as I wanted, but I'm all set for a long run today.

I ate poptarts for breakfast as i walked to campus, ate lunch at 2:00pm of a grilled ham and cheese, a single serving of ice cream, and some chocolate milk. Then I snacked on grapes, before I went out to eat with some friends that were up for the weekend. It was a bacon cheeseburger with home made chips. I couldn't finish it all. But today is going to be one of those hot days where I won't want to eat. Pop-tarts for breakfast again, but I'm thinking a simple cold sandwich for lunch.

Fingers crossed that today's weigh in will be more hopeful than yesterdays.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Days 9 &10

So day 9 was an overall FAIL at all things. I ate some more brownie, didn't get to work out and was up till 1 am. Let's just say it was a bad day. It was actually pretty fun but as far as weight loss goes, yeah bad. I was on campus till 2 pm. I was doing homework from 5:30pm till I went to bed. A little bit of diversion, but not much.

And I got bad news. I have a funeral to go to this weekend. But she lived a long, full life and was suffering immensely from leukemia when she passed. I'm looking at it as God's mercy and a chance to celebrate her life. She was a Great-Grandmother of four!

Today was lots better. I was up @ 6 am, I lifted, I ran hard for 30 min, I played basketball, I biked lots getting from place to place (multiple times), went to all my classes, ate healthy, watched the hockey players work out, and played mini-golf! I also had a "small"(their sizing is skewed, they should call it an extra large) thick, chocolate ice-cream shake for dinner. It was a girls day out! And there's a bonfire tonight on the beach. Good day! Weighed in at 170!

Things are still looking good. :)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 8

One week down...I don't know how many more to go. But I feel "light as a feather".
I'm 2 lbs lighter than last week! 168.5 and I was hydrated this time! Ha!

It's progress.

So, today I ate about 4 of the brownies I swore I wouldn't. But they were spread out during the day and I didn't have lunch.(A weak defense, I know.)Breakfast was a banana, yogurt, and a glass of OJ. I was in a rush this morning. Dinner was a bowl of mac 'n' cheese w/ asparagus thrown in. I'm a college kid, ok?!

I just got done going for a 40 min run in the rain. I felt soooo good and motivated during the whole thing! I could feel the pleasurable pain again!(That sounds so sexual. Eh, Sigmund Freud must have been right.)The hills seemed non-existent! Because I felt so good I decided I'd better push myself on this one loop in the trail system I run on. It's downhill one way, and uphill the other. And it's NOT nice. The "Hairpin Loop". I didn't conquer it like I wanted to, but the loop didn't win this time, either. It was a tie. My problem is that I keep running this loop at the end of my longer runs. I'll conquer it soon.

I think the main reason I felt so good is that I'm finally getting my wind back. My quads killed on the uphill part of the loop, but my breathing was steady. I think this means I can start doing sprints and pushing harder in my runs. Bring it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 7

I was up at 6:30 this morning to run 2ish miles. The sunrise was well on its way but still amazing! A bowl of "Marshmallow Mateys" for breakfast! Aaarrrrrrghhhh!

After biking to and from classes I had a bologna and cheese sandwich and a bunch of grapes! A glass of milk then, and later a glass of chocolate milk for a snack.

I made it to the gym late today, but still fit in my back and "AAAAABB-dominal!!!" work outs. Weighed in at 170.0 tonight. I think the weight will start coming off now that I'm back to a steady weight. I ate the last left over slice of pizza afterwords at 9 pm. Gosh.

I'm making a pan of AH-mazing brownies right now, but no worries, they are for my friend and math tutor Perry. Really! That's not to say that I didn't scrape that bowl for all it was worth and lick the spoon clean. Ahem. I wanted to get them out of the house along with the chocolate chips and some of my chocolate sauce. If they're not there, I'm not tempted. I'm off to bed as soon as they're done! Hopefully I can get up for another awesome sunrise and a 40 min run. 6 am never used to be so early, ack!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 6

Today was a simple day for me. I got up for church, found out it was an hour earlier than I thought, and cleaned the apartment. Sam and I went for a long bike ride, stood in the water at the beach, then made a delicious dinner! We drove out to the breakers to go for a quick swim in Lake Superior and watch the sun set. Refreshing and very beautiful! Allie and her puppy Kessler were there too!

Food wise I think I've behaved the best so far this week. I had 2 scrambled eggs and 2 toaster waffles with OJ for breakfast. I had a slice of leftover pizza, a glass of milk, some green beans, and a "100 calorie smart-pop" single serving pop-corn. Dinner was chicken helper: chicken alfredo. I added asparagus for crunchies. All this cooking "on my own" (instead of relying on the microwave) makes me feel like a chef or something. :) Lemonade was a nice touch with it. I have a couple single serving ice cream cups that are 100 calories each. We each had one tonight. If you're going to share dinner, you'd best have a dessert too. But I don't feel bad about it. I honestly think guilt adds more pounds then it takes away.

Didn't make it to the gym to weigh in today, but that's fine. I'll weigh in tomorrow after I "PUMP SOME IRON!" :D