Thursday, July 29, 2010

Days 9 &10

So day 9 was an overall FAIL at all things. I ate some more brownie, didn't get to work out and was up till 1 am. Let's just say it was a bad day. It was actually pretty fun but as far as weight loss goes, yeah bad. I was on campus till 2 pm. I was doing homework from 5:30pm till I went to bed. A little bit of diversion, but not much.

And I got bad news. I have a funeral to go to this weekend. But she lived a long, full life and was suffering immensely from leukemia when she passed. I'm looking at it as God's mercy and a chance to celebrate her life. She was a Great-Grandmother of four!

Today was lots better. I was up @ 6 am, I lifted, I ran hard for 30 min, I played basketball, I biked lots getting from place to place (multiple times), went to all my classes, ate healthy, watched the hockey players work out, and played mini-golf! I also had a "small"(their sizing is skewed, they should call it an extra large) thick, chocolate ice-cream shake for dinner. It was a girls day out! And there's a bonfire tonight on the beach. Good day! Weighed in at 170!

Things are still looking good. :)


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