Friday, July 23, 2010

The bet...

Hello to anyone who will actually read this;

So this is a blog about my weight loss efforts.

It all started when my Dad sent me a chat message with the fateful words: "I bet I can lose 10 lbs before you."

The conditions:
First to lose 10 lbs wins.
Must keep weight off for one month
I win: Printer on Dad's dime
Dad wins: 5 hours of manual labor cleaning the poll shed. (It's desperately needed.)

So I plan on posting every day about what I ate, how much I exercised, and what I weighed in at. Maybe keep a track of other things that may affect my weight.

Dad is in his upper 40's, 5'10", and weighed in @ 199.4 lbs. His overall goal is 170.

I am 20, 5'9", and weighed in @ 171.3 lbs. And I KNOW I'm beautiful as I am, but my goal is to be as fit as possible so I can be effective when I commission as an officer in the Army. (This is my disclaimer for those who will assume I think I'm fat.) My overall goal is 160. I'm not sure I can get any lower if I want to build upper body strength.

Today I'm 173.0 Oops!

If anyone wants to offer their help, feel free! :D

Wish me luck!


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