Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Plan of Attack

My plan for attacking these 10 lbs has 3 Parts.

Part 1: Diet
I don't plan on doing a hardcore diet or dieting plan like atkins or whatever, just be smart.
-No sweets. :(
-No fast food.
-A little less dairy.
-More veggies
-More fruit
-Eat a good breakfast.
-Take my "Woman's Ultra MEGA active multivitamins".
-Drink LOTS of water.
-Eat a small(calorie wise) lunch before 1pm
-Eat an apple before dinner.
-Eat just about anything for dinner, but watch portions. Before 6 pm.
-Don't eat before bed.
-If I feel hungry between meals, I will drink water. If I MUST snack, I will go for fruit or veggies or a small yogurt.
+I will try my hardest to remember that when I feel hungry, it means I'm burning fat.
* My brother helped me with this. He's also more disciplined than I am.

Part 2: Exercise
I will not go crazy with my exercising, but I must be diligent with it.

-Work back in gym with light weight, fast reps.
-15 min of "AAAABB-dominals!"
-Run 2 miles(or 20 min)/swim laps/bike 40 min.
-5 sets of maxing out push-ups.

-Run for 40 min(or 4 miles)/go for a ridiculously long bike ride
-5 sets of maxing out push-ups

-Arms and chest in gym with light weight, fast reps.
-15 min of "AAAABB-dominals!"
-Run 2 miles(or 20 min)/swim laps/bike 40 min.
-5 sets of maxing out push-ups.

-Run for 30 min with LOTS of BIG hills. Agate street(a street from hell) is only a block away. If it's not hills then it's fartlicks.
-5 sets of maxing out push ups

-Shoulders in gym with light weight, fast reps
-15 min of "AAAABB-dominals!"
-Run 2 miles(or 20 min)/bike 40 min.
-5 sets of maxing out push-ups.

-Long Slow Run


-Bike or walk everywhere.
-Playing sports with friends.

Part 3: Sleep
I need to get into a regular sleep pattern that doesn't require naps during the day.
-Go to bed @ 10 pm; wake up at 6 am.
But I am a college student, so the weekends are always screwed up. This also means I need to get better at managing my time so my homework is done before 10 pm.


Today I haven't been so good at following the food and sleep plans so far. I got out of bed @ 12:00 pm. I don't even know what time it was when I went to bed. For "brunch" I had three small slices of leftover 3 meat Di Giorno pizza. And some Cran-apple juice. But I think I'll be good as long as I keep drinking water before my date at Ming's Asain bistro. Bring on the sodium! :p

Today is the day for a long slow run. After I put a new tire on my bike. The weather is perfect for it. Not too much wind, mostly cloudy,chances of rain, and it's about 70 degrees outside. I'm charging my Ipod as I type.

I also have a new ultimate goal in all of this fitness: do 10 pull-ups with out assistance. And get over a 300 on the APFT! (Not as hard as the pull-ups but a good goal none the less.)

The hardest thing about this whole plan?
No more sweets. No more Chocolate and Ice Cream.
I now have to get my chocolate fix from chocolate milk. It'll have to do I guess.


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