Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 8

One week down...I don't know how many more to go. But I feel "light as a feather".
I'm 2 lbs lighter than last week! 168.5 and I was hydrated this time! Ha!

It's progress.

So, today I ate about 4 of the brownies I swore I wouldn't. But they were spread out during the day and I didn't have lunch.(A weak defense, I know.)Breakfast was a banana, yogurt, and a glass of OJ. I was in a rush this morning. Dinner was a bowl of mac 'n' cheese w/ asparagus thrown in. I'm a college kid, ok?!

I just got done going for a 40 min run in the rain. I felt soooo good and motivated during the whole thing! I could feel the pleasurable pain again!(That sounds so sexual. Eh, Sigmund Freud must have been right.)The hills seemed non-existent! Because I felt so good I decided I'd better push myself on this one loop in the trail system I run on. It's downhill one way, and uphill the other. And it's NOT nice. The "Hairpin Loop". I didn't conquer it like I wanted to, but the loop didn't win this time, either. It was a tie. My problem is that I keep running this loop at the end of my longer runs. I'll conquer it soon.

I think the main reason I felt so good is that I'm finally getting my wind back. My quads killed on the uphill part of the loop, but my breathing was steady. I think this means I can start doing sprints and pushing harder in my runs. Bring it!

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